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Parent Information

Collecting children
Parents, or a responsible adult, must bring and collect their child. If another adult is to collect him/her please inform the staff and your child beforehand.

Contact numbers

Please make sure we have a daytime number so we can contact you in an emergency. If this is a mobile it should be switched on at all times. If your number changes over the year please let us know as soon as possible. Where ever possible please ensure you give further contact numbers of people we can contact in an emergency in the event we can not contact you. (permission must be sought from these contacts)

In the event of your child having a minor accident e.g. cut or bruise, we will give basic first aid, which we will record and you will be informed. If there is a serious injury we will make every effort to contact you immediately. Please ensure that we always have a current contact number.

Sun safety
During the summer term, to protect your child please can you make sure you apply a high factor sun screen before school. We have sun hats available for all children to wear.

Health and Safety
At the start and end of the sessions please could you close the small gate when entering and leaving the school. If you come by car, be careful not to park on the zigzag lines or on the Vicarage driveway.

Child protection
Child abuse is, unfortunately, an issue that we must be aware of. Staff have a legal obligation to safeguard children’s welfare. This will include recording any injuries affecting a child and as a result we may have to contact another agency such as Social Care without consulting parents first. The school follows the Local Authority guidelines and procedures for child protection. The school has its own policy and staff are trained in child protection issues. All staff and volunteers have enhanced DBS checks.

School security
As an additional security measure, the front door is locked during the day. All parents and visitors must ring the bell and they will be let in as quickly as

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