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Bushbury Nursery School is a maintained local authority nursery school with a history that can be traced back to 1832.  According to Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society the following information tracks the history back to 1832.

Bushbury School, 1832

In 1832 the following notice appeared:-

"It is proposed that a school shall be established in the parish of Bushbury, for the instruction of children of persons residing in the parish. Boys to be taught to read and knit. Girls to be taught to read, sew, and knit. Children of the age of 6 years and upwards to be admitted. Each child to pay one penny a week to the Mistress. The Mistress also to receive a reasonable annual sum for the use of the School Room, for attendance and trouble in the management of the school."

The children will be expected to attend the Parish Church regularly.

The Bushbury Church School

It was the generosity of Miss Theodosia Hinckes which established the first church school in Bushbury in 1835. The original building included a house for the master (now demolished) and the rooms on the north side of the present building. Miss Hinckes provided the land and paid for the school's construction. She insisted that the pupils should attend the Parish Church. The pupils’ ages ranged from five to fourteen.

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