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Our Ethos & Values

All of our staff work together to achieve the following aims:

  • To offer each child a caring, secure environment in which to develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and morally

  • To provide a broad balanced nursery curriculum

  • To offer opportunities for first hand discovery and investigation of the world through structured play

  • To encourage positive attitudes and values through caring, sharing and valuing differences

  • For the school and parents to work in partnership so that each child may move confidently from home to nursery and on to school

  • To make learning fun

Our children will enjoy living in a caring environment where they have opportunity to explore, fulfil and develop their unique qualities, within a culture of shared learning that unites adults and children in the hopes and plans for a better future for all.

Each child is different, each generation is different, and the child is the first resource for the future. We are committed to inclusion and want every child to be happy at our nursery. We will do all we can to ensure every child is given the support they need to succeed.

A place of citizenship - being part of the community
This school is an integral part of the community. It is our responsibility to develop our children’s understanding of, and responsibility to contribute to, this community.

A belief in the competent child
We believe that every child has an incredible capacity to learn and develop through engagement with others and with the world around them.


A learning partnership between children, families, and school
We consider and actively promote a respectful and active partnership between children, their families, and the school and believe this is central to successful learning.

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