Bushbury Nursery School is a maintained nursery school offering up to 90 nursery places to children the term after their third birthday.  We offer 16  ‘Terrific for Two's’ places for eligible children the term after their second birthday.  The main point of admissions for both our 2 & 3 year olds is September, if places are still available after this time the places will be offered in January.

The school has an inclusive admissions policy and an annual accessibility plan for improving access for pupils with disabilities.

Your child will join one of our family groups, with a specific member of staff to care for his or her needs. It is the aim of our school to ensure that all children are valued, respected, and included and that they all have access to the learning curriculum and environment. We have a policy in school for children with special educational needs.

The school has its own equal opportunities policy and the principles are incorporated into all aspects of our curriculum, staff training, and school policies. We value all children equally and strive to create an open learning environment for all children, where they have the opportunity to share, explore and celebrate a rich variety of cultural diversity, free of prejudice and discrimination.

You can view our Admissions Policy here.

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